Alcoil - Aluminum Heat Exchangers  
Alcoil - Aluminum Heat Exchangers

OEM Condensers & More
Alcoil’s Micro-Channel condensers & coils are easily configured to exacting performance, from 1/5 ton to over 30 ton applications. Any coil can be configured in small dimensional increments in Height and Width, from as small as 8x8” to as large as 80” x 120”!!  This makes the perfect fit for OEM use, and allows design engineers many possibilities. Design working pressure 450psig and 650psig models available for R410A, R407c, R134a, R404a, other refrigerants, including R717.

Alcoil OEM Coils


Alcoil Micro-Channel Condenser coil family

Quick Ship Models
Alcoil has a full line of standard models and sizes, from 1 -1/2 ton to 30 tons for quick shipment. These ready to go models are perfect for OEM, design build and field applications.

Alcoil Quick Ship Brochure


Alcoil Micro-Channel Condenser

For 20 watts to 2000 watts of heat rejection or cooling, Alcoil has the most compact serpentine know as a MicroCondenser™ and MicroCoil™ evaporator. Used for electronics cooling, fractional Hp equipment, and more. Stock & Custom models available.

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Alcoil Micro-Channel Miniature Coils