OEM Condensers (C-Series)

Alcoil’s Micro-Channel condensers coils are easily configured to exacting performance, from 1/2 ton to over 30 ton applications. Any coil can be configured in small dimensional increments in height and width, from as small as 6" x 6” to as large as 80” x 144”! Design working pressure 450psig and 650psig models available for R410A, R407c, R134a, R404a and other refrigerants, including R717.

Condenser Product Guide

“Quick-Ship” Condenser Models

Alcoil has a full line of stock models and sizes, from 1-1/2 ton to 30 tons for quick shipment. These ready-to-go models are perfect for OEM, design/build and field applications.

Quick Ship Condensers


Evaporator and Heat Pump Coils (E and HP Series)

Alcoil’s Evaporator and Heat Pump coils are the most advanced high performance coil for direct expansion (DX) evaporators. The design has a patented built-in Refrigerant Distributor that eliminates all external “spaghetti” piping. Plus, the coil has exceptional condensate watershedding for dehumidifying. From 1/2 to 30 ton models are available up to 96” wide and 80” tall. Design working pressure at 300psig, 450psig and 650psig. Available for R410a, R134a and other refrigerants.

Evaporator and Heat Pump Product Guide



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Chilled Water and Fluid Coils (F-Series)

For applications up to 60 gpm, water, glycols and special fluids, Alcoil’s microchannel coils can be configured for high efficient chilled water coils for comfort and process cooling, as well as general purpose cooling or heating coils. 50% lighter than traditional fin/tube and significantly more effective.

Chilled Water and Fluid Coil Product Guide

Other Refrigerant Coils

Alcoil’s microchannel coils can be configured for other refrigerant application use including:

  • Reheat Coils
  • Flooded & Pumped Loop Evaporators
  • Thermosyphon Condensers
  • Compressor Oil Coolers

Refrigeration Coils (B Series) Brochure


MicroCoils™ (S - Serpentine Series)

For 20 watts to 2,000 watts of heat rejection or cooling, Alcoil has the most compact serpentine known as a MicroCondenser™ and MicroCoil™ evaporator. Used for electronics cooling, fractional Hp equipment and more. Stock and custom models available.

MicroCondenser Brochure


Optional Epoxy Electro-Coatings

All Alcoil models can be epoxy coated for added corrosion protection.   

Epoxy Coatings


Replacement Coils

Alcoil manufactures standard and custom replacement coils as Upgrade and improvement for fin/tube and other microchannel brand replacements. While many OEM equipment use foreign or “automotive” quality heat exchangers, Alcoil builds in long life quality. Alcoil’s heat exchanger “Upgrade” feature is due to thicker wall tubes, a more robust design, and E-Coating option, combined to assure long life corrosion protection. We are known as The Best Replacement Coil.

Alcoil stocks replacement condenser coils for:

Click here for information on replacing coils for Carrier 30RB and 30XA Chillers

Advantix Dehumidification Systems

Click here for information on replacing coils for York YLAA and YVAA Chillers

Custom Condenser Coils also available for other equipment brands, including Trane, York (Johnson Controls), McQuay, Lennox, Petra, Munters and others


AlcoilSELECT Software

Product Configuration and Performance is easy with Alcoil’s Selection and Resource Program. Design condition inputs, product selections, drawings, performance printouts and ratings can be generated. The program also links to Alcoil technical support for fast service and quotes.

Currently available for C, E and HP Series Coils only.